What is a Local Planning Policy?

    Aside from the Local Planning Scheme, local planning policies are a common way through which local governments can create specific town planning rules. Local planning polices can cover a broad range of matters, and could relate to areas concerning the entire City of Fremantle, or more specific zones and precincts. The City has a number of local planning policies which deal with a wide variety of matters, they can be viewed on the planning policies page of the website: fremantle.wa.gov.au/development/planning-policies

    Why has the draft policy been developed?

    The Fremantle West End Conservation Area Policy DGF14 (‘West End Policy’) was prepared in 1990 and last reviewed in 1992. A number of changes have occurred to the statutory and strategic context since that time necessitating review of the policy. 

    A report recommending review of the policy and some key direction on the preparation of a revision was considered and endorsed by the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee on 20 June 2018. A report endorsing the draft policy was considered by Council on 18 March 2020.

    You can download the Information Pack for more details by clicking here or visiting the document library. 

    Does the draft West End policy apply to both public and private land?

    The draft local planning policy only relates to development and conservation works which take place on private property, on land zoned under the City's planning scheme. This means the policy does not apply to areas within the 'public realm' such as roads, street furniture, lighting footpaths and street trees. Works relating to these elements are overseen by the City's Infrastructure, Parks and City Design Departments and are controlled through other local and Australian design standards.  

    What is a scheme amendment?

    Every local government in Western Australia has a local planning scheme to govern the use and development of land to support current and future community needs.

    From time to time, it is necessary to make changes to the local planning scheme in order to bring it in line with strategic objectives, new state government legislation and policies, or the community’s changing needs. These changes are called scheme amendments. Scheme amendments allow the City to improve the function of the planning scheme and respond to changes in particular areas.

    • Changes or updates to the planning scheme can include:
    • Changes to the way land can be used, such as changing land from a business zone to a residential zone. This is called rezoning.
    • Changes to the rules in the scheme that control how land can be developed, such as the height of buildings or where buildings can be located.

    What is the scheme amendment process?

    Once initiated, all amendments must be advertised for public comment. Community consultation is an essential part of the scheme amemendment process, and prescribed by planning regulations. If the proposed amendment is complex, we may engage more broadly than what's required by the plahnning regulations, which is to simply advertise for public comment. This is so we can better understand the impact of the proposed changes on the community.

    We encourage everyone who may be affected by a proposed scheme amendment to provide feedback. Diverse views strengthen the process, and improve the outcomes and the quality of council’s decisions. 

    After the advertising period, council will consider the public submissions and decide whether the draft amendment should be approved as advertised, or approved with some changes, or not approved at all. If approved by council, the amendment is then sent to the Western Australian Planning Commission and Minister for Planning,  for the final decision to be made.

    The City’s friendly strategic planners are happy to help with any questions or enquiries about the amendment over the phone on 1300 My FREO (1300 693 736) or by email planning@fremantle.wa.gov.au

    How can I find out more?

    You can download the Information Pack for more details by clicking here or visiting the document library. 

    You are encouraged to read the draft policy document before providing comment, available by clicking here or also available in the document library. 

    Alternatively, you can contact us by emailing planning@fremantle.wa.gov.au or calling Sam Moss, Strategic Planning Officer  or Gena Binet, Heritage Coordinator, on 1300 MY FREO (1300 693 736).