What does 'discretionary use' mean?

    The planning applications that are submitted to council are assessed to determine how they comply with our local planning scheme. An application deemed to be discretionary use must be advertised and adjoining property owners informed. The development can be approved with or without conditions or refused by council.

    What can I expect from the community information session?

    Members of the City’s planning team will be available to explain the plans in further detail and answer your questions. The session is an informal, 'drop-in' style event. Elected members and the applicant are also invited, and may be at the session. 

    What happens to my comments?

    Your comment will be provided to the applicant to allow them to respond to any issues raised and to council, to assist in their decision-making. 

    A summary of your comment may be included in publicly available council and planning committee reports. Personal details such as names, telephone numbers and addresses will be removed.

    Who decides this planning application?

    This application will be decided by the Planning Committee

    Can I attend the planning committee meeting?

    Yes. Planning committee meetings are open to the public and you’re able to attend if you wish. You can address the members or simply observe the discussion.

    We'll update this page when the Planning Committee meeting date is set. If you made a submission, we will notify you of the meeting date.

    Planning committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month. Agendas are available on the City’s website a few days before the meeting or at the City of Fremantle library.

    The meetings commence at 6.00 pm in the council chambers. You can register to address the committee outside chambers half an hour before the meeting starts or contact the minute secretary in advance.