Why did the City consider closing the pedestrian access way?

    The City received an application from a resident to close the pedestrian access way in December 2014.  The application was supported with a petition signed by 17 property owners living in close proximity to the access way.   

    Where is the pedestrian access way located?

    Pedestrian access way - shown outlined in redSee the pedestrian access way outlined in red in the map.

    Will the gates stay if the pedestrian access way is closed permanently?

    Yes - the Water Corporation require that gates must be installed with locks at both ends to allow 24 hour a day, 7 days a week access.  

    Is there any evidence that the pedestrian access way increases crime in Kellow Place and Swanbourne Street?


    The WA Police provided the City with records relating to police 'incidents' and 'attendance' within the area of the access way (Kellow Place and Swanbourne Street), compliled between 2002 and 2015.  From the information provided, it could not be concluded that the offender(s) had committed a crime by gaining access via the pedestrian access way. There is only one incident over a period of thirteen years (a break-in in 2012) where access to a property was gained directly from the access way.  A further burglary located within Kellow Place in March 2014 and a graffiti incident recorded in November 2014 were 'possibly' linked to the pedestrian access way according to the police reports. 

    A copy of the police statistics may be found in the PAW Physical Assessment.