Recommendation on South Terrace upgrade before council on 13 December

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The consultation process for the South Terrace pedestrian safety and streetscape improvements ended on 10 November 2018. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

We received 117 responses to the survey that gave us some valuable feedback on the proposed traffic treatment and streetscape improvements to South Terrace, between Sydney Street and Little Lefroy Lane.

This is what you told us:

  • 72.6% of people support the proposed changes, with 53.8% indicating they ‘strongly support’ the changes and a further 18.8% supportive of ‘most changes’.
  • The proposal to improve the streetscape was the most supported change, with over 90% of respondents answering positively to the proposed new paving, street furniture, trees and planting.
  • The proposal to reduce the carriageway to a trafficable width of 7 metres is the least supported change. While 58.2 % of people support narrowing the road to make it easier for people to cross the street safely, 22.2 % felt this would create more dangerous conditions for cyclists.
  • The need for South Terrace to be calmed from South Street to Douro Road was mentioned by numerous people, along with the need to protect the interests of people living in the side streets. A plan for the area bounded by South Street, Douro Road, Marine Terrace and Hampton Road was suggested, following concerns that the proposed treatment at Little Lefroy and South Terrace will create traffic problems elsewhere.
  • The need for a cycle lane on South Terrace between South Street and Douro Road was frequently mentioned, along with a desire to see similar treatments implemented at other nodes in this section.

You can read the community engagement report here.

Council will make a decision on the design to be built when they meet on Wednesday 13 December 2108 at 6.00 pm.

The report to council recommends:

  • The road be narrowed to make it safer for people to cross the street and encourage drivers to slow down in this section.
  • The temporary speed bumps be replaced with a raised platform to slow drivers down.
  • The road be surfaced with red asphalt and stencil markings to slow drivers down.
  • The footpath be widened, new paving, street furniture, paving and trees be added to improve the street.
  • The amount of alfresco space be increased.

You can read the report to council in the agenda for 13 December here.

You can address the council before they decide if the concept plan should be implemented as recommended at the council meeting. The meeting commences at 6.00 pm in council chambers (City of Fremantle Administration building, 8 William Street Fremantle). If you want to speak to council, please arrive 20 minutes early to register for public question time.

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