Where will the court be located?

    This location was the preferred option at the community workshop held in November 2015. To accommodate a full court, some trees will be taken out. We will plant more trees in the park to compensate for ones we need to remove. 

    The final location of the court has been influenced by the surrounding café, change rooms/toilets, playground, dunes, underground power and other services. Leaving enough space between the café and change rooms/toilets while remaining easily accessible was a key point raised by the community as part of the consultation process.

    Pushing the court further south has ensured the two facilities complement each other and will be a great improvement to the space. 

    What will it look like?

    The design works with the levels of the site to create a natural amphitheatre. Grassed terraces look into the court and the sunken nature will provide a great spectator experience.

    Turf mounds at each end settle the court into the park while new trees will provide shade. The court is fully accessible by ramp to provide universal access.

    The surface of the court will be concrete base with slip resistant coloured coating, which will have line markings and graphic artwork. 

    When will construction start?

    Construction will commence in July 2017 and is expected to finish in time for summer.

    How and where will be the volleyball posts and nets stored?

    The best option for this will be determined by the City before the facility is opened.

    How will the futsal court be used?

    From the stakeholder meetings, futsal users have indicated they would bring their own goal posts and nets. The court has been specially designed to accommodate this equipment.

    Will there be lighting?

    The court is intended for daytime use and no lighting will be installed as part of this construction phase.

    Will there be a booking system?

    The City will introduce a booking system as required to allow the different sports to book the facility. Nets and goals associated with the booked sport will be made available.