When is the building likely to be ready for occupancy?

    Based on current schedules it is estimated the building will be ready for occupancy at some point within the first quarter of the 2016/17 financial year. This is as a result of internal refurbishments commencing now that exterior works have been completed.

    Can I submit multiple proposals?

    Each individual or organisation can submit up to three (3) different proposals. If you are only forming a part of someone elses submission and you are not submitting a proposal yourself, you can be a part of as many other submissions as you like.

    It is a very large building. Does my idea or proposal have to be for the entire building?

    The City is open to all ideas whether it be for only a small part of the building or for the entire building. For those only wishing to use part of the building, we encourage you to collaborate with other groups who might also like to be a part of your proposal to use other parts of the building.

    Given the exterior works are completed, what is the City doing with the inside of the building?

    The City will be removing unnecessary internal office partition walls left by the previous tenant (refer to red lines on the plans provided) and will also be addressing rising damp/peeling paint issues where possible. The City will also be refurbishing the toilets to make them accessible and also carrying out extensive electrical work throughout the building.

    Who is responsible for fit-out?

    The successful applicant will be responsible for all fitout required for the particular proposed use. The City will be providing the building in 'as is' condition once internal and extenral remedial works have been completed.