Final Concept

Based on the feedback from the draft no major adjustments were necessary and the final concept is now ready. Minor adjustments may happen throughout the procurement and construction phases.

Grigg Park construction is due to be carried out February/March 2019, an update will be sent once the dates are confirmed with suppliers.

Both logs and upright timber sleepers to be made from recycled wood have been sourced locally for the project. The City is also attempting to source recycled boulders and soakwell but this is yet to be confirmed.

New backboards will be developed through the ‘Project Backboard Fremantle’ initiative involving a local artist and kids via the PCYC. Two new full height posts and rings will also be installed - the City extensively researched ways to provide both short and full height basketball rings but was unable to find any products that are manufactured. While suppliers manufacture units with a (same height) netball hoop none were found that manufacture a lower height on the back (the current lower height has just been installed lower in the ground). Reversible units are not suitable for a public park as they require a key/pole to adjust/ rotate or are built for indoor/private use and not vandal proof. A custom unit and extending the bitumen area would cost double the available budget, there are also a number of trees in the space behind the rings.

The City could only supply one style of swing so chose the basket swing as they are recognised as catering to all ages and abilities, they also encourage social interaction.

A community planting event using native plants will be organised around April or May during the cooler conditions - stay tuned for more information!

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