What happens to my submission?

    Your submission will be reviewed by the assessing officer and considered in the assessment of the development application. A copy of your submission will be provided to the applicant to allow them to respond to any issues raised and to council, to assist in their decision-making. 

    A summary of your submission may be included in publicly available council and planning committee reports. Personal details such as your name and address will be removed.

    What changes have been made to Planning Committee?

    Due to current restrictions with COVID19, until further notice Committees of Council are temporarily suspended and the City will hold two Ordinary Council Meetings a month. These meetings will be held by electronic means and if you make a submission on this development application you will be notified of the relevant Council meeting date. 

    Questions and statements may still be made and will be presented at the meeting. If you have submitted a comment on the application, you will receive an email prior to the meeting date with instructions on how to present a question or statement at the meeting. 

    If you have not submitted a comment on the application but would like to present a question or statement at the meeting, please contact the City’s Development Approvals at least one day prior to the meeting on 9432 9999 for information. 

    This information is current as of 8 May 2020.