Progress to detailed design

At the Council meeting on 9 December 2020 Council requested the project progress to detailed design and procurement based on "Option 1" for the Golf Clubhouse and Cafe facilities (including the dual access to the ablutions); and, "Option 2A" for the Community Centre facility (including a 150sqm "Community Space" and a separate 25sqm "Meeting" room).

They also requested further consider and refinement of the final design to include:

  • Improved width of the "Dining" area in the clubhouse.
  • A publicly accessible after-hours toilet within the complex.
  • Consideration of the following design enhancements where practical and viable within the agreed and approved budget:
    • i. Optimised proportions of the "Community Space" (e.g., wider or less elongated) to ensure a high degree of flexibility in usage.
    • ii. An option for a second acoustic operable wall that enables the "Foyer" to be extended to fully divide and acoustically separate the "Meeting" area from the "Community Space".
    • iii. Significantly increased site flexibility to accommodate a possible expansion of the community building to the south-west capable of incorporating future facilities necessary to deliver a managed/programmable community centre, including further exploration of options for the alignment of the proposed vehicle/bike access path and the potential decommissioning of the existing public toilet.
    • iv. A way of functionally isolating the "Dining" area from the golfing "Foyer/Retail" and "Admin" areas for flexibility.
    • v. Increase the privacy afforded to the golfers' changing areas and showers in relation to the more generally used public toilets.

To allow for the increased space and additional toilet, an increased budget allocation of up to $450,000 is to be included as part of the 2021/22 budget process.

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