What is the 'model scheme text'?

    The Model Scheme Text is contained within the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, a statutory instrument from the Western Australian Planning Commission.

    The model provisions are for local governments to use when creating or amending their local planning scheme. Standardisation of definitions is recommended where possible, to assist in simplifying the planning system, consistent with the state government planning reform agenda. 

    One option is to supersede all the definitions in LPS4 with the model provisions. However, this would not be desirable as some existing definitions are not in the model provisions but are required for the local context, while other definitions within the model provisions would likely require a substantial change to the scheme (i.e. they relate to further scheme clauses) or local planning policies. These definitions are therefore recommended to be retained. Where the City is proposing to maintain non-standard definitions or modify standard definitions, a case must be put forward as to how such modifications reflect the local context and why they are consequently necessary.