Why has this scheme amendment been prepared?

    The Brockman Place area is capable of more comprehensive redevelopment to assist
    with revitalisation of Fremantle’s southern gateway. This amendment is considered to
    be a logical progression to a similar amendment on adjacent land at Strang Street
    (amendment 43). These two amendments are intended to facilitate redevelopment in
    South Fremantle that will in turn encourage and support upgraded public transport
    infrastructure along Hampton Road.

    What changes are proposed?

    The amendment relates to properties 223, 227, 229, 229A, 229B, 231, 233-235 Hampton Road and properties 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 Brockman Place. 

    The amendment proposes to change the current planning rules within the area which would enable development at a higher density and at increased heights in instances where specific design requirements are satisfied. This approach is designed to encourage redevelopment in this area while ensuring minimum standards are still achieved. 

    A full overview of the current provisions in the City of Fremantle's Loval Planning Scheme and the proposed changes for scheme amendment 68 is available here.

    What is a planning scheme amendment?

    From time to time it is necessary to make changes to the local planning scheme in order to bring it
    in line with strategic objectives, new state government legislation and policies, or changing community needs. This is called a scheme amendment and allows the City to improve the function
    of the scheme and respond to changes in particular areas.

    More information about the scheme amendment process is available here

    What is a planning scheme?

    Every local government in Western Australia has a local planning scheme to govern the use,
    development and protection of its land, supported by current and future needs.

    The City of Fremantle’s Local Planning Scheme covers land in the Fremantle local government
    area. It classifies land into zones and provides provisions that affect how land can be used and