Amendment 68 is available for comment till 6 March

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The amendment applies to properties located on Hampton Road and Brockman Place, South Fremantle, as shown on the above plan.

The proposed amendment will modify provisions in Fremantle's Local Planning Scheme for density, height, setbacks, vehicle access and land use for properties within the scheme amendment area. Additional development standards proposed for the area will enable landowners to be awarded increased density and height.

Read the proposed amendment

A summary of the current provisions in the scheme and proposed changes include:

  • Density could be increased to enable more housing diversity in the area with additional requirements for setbacks, land uses , minimum site area, access and parking. If a proposal did not meet the development standards the density bonus would not be approved.
  • An increased height bonus is proposed and would allow for heights of 15 metres, 17.5 metres or 24.5 metres or approximately 5 - 9 storeys. Increased height can only be approved where the additional development requirements are met by landowners, in the same way bonus density is achieved. If a proposal did not meet the development standards the extra height would not be allowed.
  • A minimum setback of 15 metres to Hampton Road for all new buildings. This safeguards future opportunities for public transport options and is consistent with the nearby development on Strang Street. A maximum setback of 3 metres would apply to Brockman Place.
  • No residential use on the ground floor on Hampton Road would be allowed.
  • Sites over 4000 square metres would be eligible for higher residential density and greater height. For sites smaller than 4000 square metres, density would be lower and height would be limited to 17.5 metres.
  • In order to develop at the higher density bonus there will be a requirement to gain access via an alternative road to Hampton Road, such as Brockman Place.
  • A requirement that car parking spaces be located to the rear or below ground is proposed.

Further explanation of the proposed changes are outlined in this information sheet.

The draft scheme amendment is available for public comment until 6 March.

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