Freo Alternative Gazetted

On 12 February 2019, Amendment No. 63 to the Local Planning Scheme was published in the Government Gazette after being signed off by the Minister for Planning and Transport. This means that 'Freo Alternative' officially forms part of the City's planning scheme, and we can now accept applications for developments seeking to use these new provisions.

The Local Planning Scheme Text and Map has been updated to include the relevant requirements which apply to the Freo Alternative areas - referred to in the Scheme as 'Special Control Area 5.7' or 'SCA 5.7'.

Clause 5.7 of the planning scheme contains the key provisions which apply to the special control areas. In addition, Local Planning Policy 3.20 (LPP 3.20) has been prepared which contains additional requirements to supplement the scheme. Clause 5.7 and LPP 3.2 need to be read in conjunction when preparing a proposal under Freo Alternative, along with any other requirements under the Residential Design Codes of WA (R-Codes) and the City's Local Planning Policies.

A revised version of LPP 3.20, containing minor edits to reflect changes made to the amendment by the Minister for Planning, is currently scheduled to be considered by Council at the February 2019 round of Council meetings. In the meantime, the original version of the policy adopted by Council in March 2018 is available to download from this page.

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