How many houses are proposed?

    18 homes are proposed on the site. Each home has a single bedroom.

    How does the "My Home" project work?

    “My Home” is a new initiative to provide housing for homeless people at no cost to government. “My Home” is a proposed 3-way partnership between government, not-for-profit and the private sector.

    Government provides vacant land at no cost that has been identified for long term future use such as road widenings, railway expansions etc.

    Private sector funds the construction of housing - small demountable homes that can be constructed quickly and can be easily relocated to other sites if the land is needed for future government projects.

    Foundation Housing leases the land at peppercorn rent for 10 years. During this time, Foundation Housing maintains the houses and provides ongoing management of the tenants along with providing access to employment, health, legal and social support services.

     "My Home" is based on the Housing First model, guided by the principle that a homeless individual’s primary need is to obtain stable housing firstly, followed by the provision of support services that can help the individual re-engage with the community and ultimately become self-sufficient.

    How will the tenants be managed?

    The tenants will be women over 55 who are experiencing homelessness. Foundation Housing (FHL) will be the manager of the properties and the tenants will be managed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. The organisation has extensive policies and procedures in place which span all stages of tenancy and property management, and which are currently used across its portfolio of low-income affordable housing. Further information is available at: