Why is the irrigation being upgraded?

    We’re planning to upgrade the irrigation system at Alfred Park to align the system with current water wise irrigation practises. The primary outcome of the replacement of the irrigation system will be improvement of condition of the turfed areas.

    The existing irrigation system is old and very costly to maintain. Upgrading the system to a water wise one will greatly reduce water use from the current output. Adding hydrozoning to this will decrease water consumption further.

    What is hydrozoning?

    In this instance, hydrozoning would involve removing non-water wise turf areas and turning them into mulched areas, some of which can be planted with water wise native plants and trees.

    Hydrozoning also involves grouping plants of similar water needs together in order to conserve water.

    The City of Fremantle is conscious of Western Australia's water scarcity and is committed to innovative strategies to improve water use efficiency. We are an accredited Waterwise Council and recently achieved Gold status.