Why is this review being undertaken?

    Clause 6 of Schedule 2.2 of the Local Government Act 1995 requires local governments that have wards to carry out a review of ward boundaries and councillor numbers every eight years.

    The Boards general policy is that, consistent with the principle of ‘one vote, one value’, there should not be more than a plus or minus 10% deviation in the average number of electors per councillor across the wards in a local government. Where these ratios fall outside of the plus or minus 10% deviation, the Board generally requests that local governments carry out a review in accordance with the Act.

    The Board has recently requested that the City undertake such a review. The City of Fremantle is also due to undertake a statutory review, as the last review was undertaken in 2011. The result of the 2011 review was to maintain the current six ward structure and councillor representation, with some minor changes to the boundaries of the City and North wards.

    What are some options to consider?

    There are numerous options available for a Ward review. These might involve the number and naming of wards, the levels of Council representation in each, or the existence of wards at all.

    Recognising the multiple configurations of ward boundaries possible, at the general level some options available to the Council include:
    1. Maintaining the status quo - pending population increases triggered by upcoming development in the City
    2. Adjusting the boundary between Beaconsfield and Hilton Wards – to address the Local Government Advisory Board’s preferred deviation percentage.
    3. Undertaking a comprehensive review and reconfiguration of all boundaries. This might include ward names and representation levels.

    These options are not the only possible alternatives but rather examples designed to provoke thought about possibilities that may better suit the future requirements of the City of Fremantle community. The naming of wards may also be considered during this review.

    You are welcome to make an open submission using the online form.