Why are you reviewing the verge collection service?

    At the Ordinary Meeting of Council of 11 December 2019, while considering the tender for verge collection services Council recommended that:

    "..officers progress with a review of verge waste collection services following the first 12 months of Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) service delivery when the volume impacts of the service are more established and consistent."

    They anticipated that there would be changes to the waste profile as a result of FOGO and the recycling centre, and also noted that services should be considered for the areas of the City that aren't currently serviced by the verge collection. This is considered a good opportunity to review community needs in regard to bulk waste management. 

    You can find out more in the minutes available here or on the City's Agendas and Minutes page

    What are some of the alternative options?

    The City has not yet investigated the feasibility of any alternative collection models. Some models used in other local governments include:  

    • On demand verge collections, where residents can contact the City and arrange for a pick up on a day that suits them
    • On demand skip bin service, where a skip can be provided on a day that suits the resident
    • Providing tip passes to dispose of bulk waste for free
    • Moving to a 'drop off' only service and helping residents manage any barriers around this

    The City is open to exploring alternative options if there is a community need. 

    What is 'bulk waste'?

    In this engagement, we're considering the City's management of bulk waste as a whole. This includes two components: 

    • Bulk household items and
    • Large green waste.

    Bulk household items

    Bulk household materials include furniture and other household equipment that should not be placed in any of the three bins provided for regular collections. Bulk household materials exclude construction and demolition (C&D) materials and household hazardous waste (HHW).

    Items we collect:

    • electronic waste (e-waste) such as computers, laptops and TVs
    • furniture
    • mattresses
    • scrap metal
    • split cycle air conditioners
    • timber products
    • white goods such as fridges, washing machines and stoves.

    Items we don’t collect:

    • building materials such as bricks, tiles and cement
    • domestic rubbish
    • hazardous materials such as chemicals, paint and oil*
    • liquids
    • plates (sheet) glass, mirrors and shower screens
    • tyres, car bodies and other car parts
    • waste from commercial properties and schools.

    Large green waste

     Some green waste is now able to be placed in the green-lid FOGO bin. Items collected during the verge green waste collection include:

    • Tree trunks, branches and shrub prunings up to 1.5 metres in length and 30cm in diameter
    • Two trailer loads (6x4 trailer size) or two cubic metres of green waste.

    Things like bags or boxes of leaves, loose leaves or grass clippings, dug out lawn, weeds or root materials and and soil materials are not collecting during a green waste pick up.