How do I nominate a tree or vegetation areas for the Register?

    The process for initial nomination and inclusion on the Register has 4 steps:

    1. Nomination

    Applicant is to complete the Register of significant trees or vegetation areas on private land nomination form (from the document library here or lodge electronically here) to apply for a significant tree or vegetation to be included on the Register. The application should address the criteria for inclusion listed in the policy.

    Note: The City will not accept an application for a significant tree or vegetation area to be included on the Register without the landowner’s consent.

    Applicant to lodge the application with the City of Fremantle’s strategic planning team by:

    Email (preferred method):

    Post: Planning Services, City of Fremantle, PO Box 807, FREMANTLE WA 6959

    Hand Deliver: City of Fremantle Administration Building

    2. Assessment

    The City will undertake an assessment of nominated trees and vegetation areas, including assessment of the application against the significance criteria:

    • Botanic / horticultural value

    • Visual / aesthetic / landmark value

    • Heritage value


    • Ecological value not otherwise protected through environmental legislation.

    The assessment may include the commission of an independent arboricultural report.

    To assess ongoing viability, consideration may be given to development potential of the site and prospects of retention in future development, proximity to or impact on buildings/ infrastructure, proximity to boundary and impact on neighbouring property, root structure and attributes of the plant and its propensity to be affected by changes to the environment outside the lot boundaries (eg development on neighbouring land).

    Assessments may be deferred to align with annual reporting.

    3. Formal comment

    The City will provide the assessment to the landowner and occupier of the place (if applicable) and invite comment from them and immediately adjacent neighbours for a period of 21 days.

    4. Report to Council

    A report on the nominated trees and vegetation areas and public submissions received will be submitted to Council annually for a decision on their inclusion on the Register.

    Following a decision, the landowner, occupier and any person who made a submission on the nomination will be notified of Council’s decision, and the City’s records (including GIS mapping) will be updated accordingly.

    Why does the nomination need to be supported by a landowner?

    Trees nominated without the support of the landowner can become a source of conflict and in some instances the nomination itself can prompt removal prior to registration as a pre-emptive action.

    So as to avoid this situation the requirement for the landowner to support the nomination has been included as a requirement in the policy.

    Why does the tree/vegetation area have to be a healthy specimen with ongoing viability?

    Inclusion of trees unlikely to survive long-term or likely to conflict with infrastructure tend to require a high level of administration, taking staff time and resources away from activities such as protection of trees with longer term prospects, or inclusion of new trees.

    How the City will consider development applications received for a property containing a tree or vegetation area on the Register?

    The second part of the policy deals with how the City will consider any development application received for a property containing a tree or vegetation already included on the Register. This includes a presumption against any works likely to harm the tree, but acknowledges that in some instances, works or even removal may be appropriate. These include where the tree / vegetation presents a threat to safety or infrastructure and all other avenues to address this have proven to be unfeasible. The onus rests with the landowner to demonstrate that they have investigated other alternatives and that removal is the only viable option.

    The policy also recommends application of the Australian Standards for protection of trees on site where development works are occurring around a tree or vegetation included on the register.