Feasibility Work Extended

During the feasibility work, discussions arose around the limited options for use of the quarry site and whether further exploration could be undertaken to confirm the most optimum use for the site, be it sporting facilities and/or other uses. This has led to further work to explore uses for the Quarry site and to look for opportunities to help make development of the quarry site viable. This additional work may help to rule out any development on the oval. The additional work has further delayed the preparation and release of a full draft masterplan.

When will the community see a plan?

Once the additional feasibility work is complete, a full draft masterplan will be prepared and everyone will have the chance to have their say. This input may lead to further amendments before a final master plan is officially adopted. A full draft masterplan is likely to be ready for input in the first half of 2020.

In the meantime the interim draft master plan (released September 2018) shows some of the things that can be resolved and leaves question marks on the areas still to be considered. This has already proved useful in helping to progress planning for the Davis Park precinct. You can view this above or download a copy.

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