Which play equipment is changing and why?

    The renewal is only covering the play equipment within the fenced area at Sir Frederick Samson Park. The combination unit is over twenty years old and is being renewed as part of works across several reserves in the City of Fremantle.

    What can be achieved through the renewal?

    The City has a modest budget to replace the older equipment - we're seeking input to guide the direction we take. For example, we could directly replace this with a similar style unit, or install a smaller unit and include some other elements.

    The playground upgrade will be designed with the flexibility to possibly expand into something bigger. We’d like to continue to work with the community and stakeholders to develop a broader vision to improve facilities and amenity at Samson Park in the future.

    Other current works that are being undertaken are installing a path between the existing BBQ and picnic table and renewing the worn turf adjacent to the playground fence this year.

    On May 12 we will be holding one of our scheduled revegetation planting days - the public are invited to join in. Registration is at 9am on the day.

    As part of the Greening Samson initiative we will also be running other activities on this day such as native plant giveaways and children's activities with Buster the Fun Bus.