Arthur Head updates

Application for National Heritage Listing

Earlier this year an application was submitted for the National Heritage Listing of Arthur Head Reserve which includes Manjaree, Bathers Beach and the Roundhouse. The 2021 applications will now be assessed by Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy and compliant nominations will be given to the Australian Heritage Council for consideration. The Australian Heritage Council will then prepare a priority assessment list for consideration by the Minister.

There is a very high threshold for entry onto this list and in 2020 only four places from across Australia were selected for assessment. Selected places undergo further investigation plus a period of public comment and consultation with owners and occupiers and Indigenous people with rights or interests in the place. The minister then assesses the final report on the nomination and decides whether to list or not to list the place. This comprehensive process can take several years. If a place is not selected it can be considered again in following years.

Arthur Head Cliff Stabilisation Works

In early April contractor Colgan Industries began undertaking works at Arthur Head. This is stage 2 of the cliff stabilisation project, and the intent is to use a light touch to reduce the risk of rock fall while minimising the impact on heritage fabric and values. The extent of the works was investigated by Hocking Heritage Architects (and consultant engineers) in 2018-19 and the project was approved by the Heritage Council of Western Australia in 2020.

The works will include the construction of small areas of retaining wall at the south-west corner of Arthur Head next to the cycle path and behind the former Gunner’s Cottage together with a new rock fall shelter at the western mouth of the Whalers’ Tunnel and the installation of rock fences, vegetation and path relocation to the base of the south-eastern cliffs. The project is jointly funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries and the City of Fremantle.

These works follow on from the Stage 1 conservation of the north eastern cliffs facing Little High Street which were completed earlier this year. Stage 2 is expected to be complete by June 2021.

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Consultation has concluded. 

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