What's the RENeW Nexus project about?

    The RENeW Nexus project will assess, in the City of Fremantle, how cities of the future can use combined data and blockchain technology to integrate distributed energy and water systems infrastructure.

    Beyond this EOI participation opportunity, the project research and implementation process will offer highly resilient, low carbon and low cost systems including solar assets, an electric vehicle, water storage and treatment, and community battery storage will be installed and connected via blockchain to offer a new residential community within the City of Fremantle, financial and essential service sustainability. 

    What are the expected benefits of the RENeW Nexus project?

    1. Increase access to renewable energy for the community and local government authority
    2. Increase access to recycled water and rainwater
    3. Energy $ savings for the prosumer and consumer

    If I participate, what's involved?

    As part of your participation in the project you can expect the following:

    • Participation is FREE.
    • A drop-in information session to meet the project team and learn about what your participation will mean.
    • Participants will agree to allow the project team analysts to access data regarding their property’s energy and/or water generation, usage and import/export
    • A qualified electrician will install a remotely read metering device to your existing system. The device will use your property's WiFi to remotely send data to our secure database that can be accessed by approved personnel only
    • A Curtin University data management plan will manage the collected data and approved personnel.
    • You will be provided with access to a new web platform that enables you to view your property’s data, and understand your usage.
    • The project team will engage with participants at project milestones in October 2018 and February 2019.
    • Project contact details are provided, if you have any ongoing questions relating to your participation.
    • You have the opportunity to opt out of your participation at any time.

    What happens with my household energy data?

    As part of the RENeW Nexus project the secure data that is collected will inform research conducted by Curtin University and Murdoch University researchers. This community data analysis and trial aims to demonstrate the potential of the interconnected infrastructure of future smart cities that are able to utilise distributed renewable energy and alternative water systems.

    Who's involved?

    The project partners include Curtin University, Power Ledger, City of Fremantle, Murdoch University, Western Power, Synergy and LandCorp.

    What's the timeframe for this project?

    Expressions of interest close 25 May 2018, and participants selected shortly afterward.
    The project will be completed by 22 May 2019.