Enhanced final design ready

by Rhiannon,

Thank you to everyone who provided their thoughts on the draft Hilton pocket park design. Overall, the design was received positively. The two main responses were to improve the active equipment for children and differing views on balancing pedestrian safety with access to the site.

In response to this, the ‘custom play item’ specified on the draft concept plan will now be a swing with other play elements for young and older kids. We are also looking at how to incorporate informal exercise elements.

We aim to design a space that carefully balances access to the site (for bikes, prams, wheelchairs and postal delivery) while inhibiting informal motorbike access and stopping young children doing a ‘bolt’ towards Hines Road. At this stage a carefully designed pedestrian chicane (or similar) remains the preferred option to achieve this as gates can provide problems with access and require more ongoing maintenance. The technical design will address this in further detail.

For information and responses to other queries see our FAQ on the draft design. You can also view the final concept design below or download a copy.

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Consultation has concluded

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