Why are these changes being proposed?

    Under the Local Government Act, we’re required to periodically review local laws to ensure their currency.

    A review of the existing parking local law identified various improvements required to provide better controls and management of parking within the district, whilst also providing more flexibility for patrons.

    A key improvement considered in the proposed parking local law, is to incorporate the use of electronic parking technology to enable more convenient payment options and parking permits. In addition, provisions that enable the City to set zones where parking fees are paid by electronic means only, via a mobile device through an app such as ‘PayStay’. This would enable the City to introduce pay by phone only parking zones in areas like Marine Terrace, without the need to install ticket machines.

    Another consideration included in the proposed parking local law, is to provide residents (in residential areas) the ability to control parking on the verge at the front of their own property.

    Why is the Parking Local Law 2006 being replaced completely?

    Many elements of the City’s current local law are considered to be outdated and difficult to understand. Therefore the City have undertaken a comprehensive review and rewritten the local law (in consultation with solicitors), to remove repetition, streamline requirements of current legislation and include a number of improvements that will enable the City to provide more flexible parking options for the community.

    Why is the City proposing changes to penalties?

    Infringement amounts at the City haven't changed in eight years. The proposed changes to penalties bring the City of Fremantle into line with other similar local governments who also contain a city centre. Penalties are necessary to reduce the incidence of illegal parking.

    Are there any changes related to ACROD parking?

    ACROD parking provisions have been updated to align with the State legislation Local Government (Parking for People with Disabilities) Regulations 2014 . 

    The penalties relating to parking in an ACROD/disability bay without a permit have been removed from the proposed local law, to enable the penalties prescribed under the Parking for People with Disabilities Regulations to be applied.

    When was this local law considered by Council?

    The proposed parking local law was considered by Council at the meeting held on Wednesday, 27 January 2021. You can view the minutes by clicking here or visiting the City’s Agendas and Minutes page

    You can also read more about the previous stages of the review by clicking here