Project Background

by Rhiannon,

In July 2017 we began looking at options to address erosion at the Northbank foreshore. We asked for feedback from local residents on how they use this section of the Swan River and what they considered important for us to include when designing options to stabilise the foreshore.

In the first step of community engagement we heard:

  • This is a popular area for swimming, kayaking and fishing.

  • There are different community preferences to minimise erosion.

  • The community wants to know more about the causes of erosion and stabilisation options.

In the second step of community engagement we’ll present foreshore stabilisation options along with the pros and cons of each option and the estimated costs. Initially we expected this to commence by the end of September 2017. However, the complex nature of the project has caused some delay. Designing possible options requires balancing amenity, aesthetics, access, design life, construction costs, ongoing maintenance costs, environmental considerations and impact of the stabilisation option on other areas.

To estimate a more accurate cost for each option we will also need to identify any remediation required to ensure contaminants below the surface soil are not released into the environment. Prior to housing development near the site, the land was used by industry. We need to better understand the impact of any required remediation when disturbing the soil on the overall cost of the concept options.

These site investigations were initially planned for the design stage of the project. While bringing them forward has delayed drafting the concept options, the concepts will be better informed and potential cost variations at the detailed design stage will be reduced. Overall, it will reduce the time required to complete the final stage of the project. Funding will need to be secured to complete the works.

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