What is the purpose of this project?

    We know that southern European migrants have richly contributed to Fremantle's social, cultural and built environments. Through your input, we hope to identify the key influences, places and social contributions that have been made by 20th century migrants to Fremantle. 

    The information we receive will help us understand how we can recognise, celebrate and protect these influences for future generations, including developing recommendations for future projects.

    What type of information can I provide?

    There are no restrictions on the type of information you can provide to us. Things to consider:

    • Family names
    • Location of migrant's European home countries
    • Stories of migrating from southern Europe
    • Reasons for leaving the home country  
    • Reasons for choosing Fremantle
    • Stories of arrival in Fremantle
    • Buildings and places in the City of Fremantle that were built by post-war migrants
    • Buildings and places in the City of Fremantle that hold significant value to the southern European communities 
    • Businesses and industries that involved post-war migrants (these may still exist or have gone)
    • Culture, customs and traditions that did occur or still exist in Fremantle introduced by post-war migrants
    • Photographs or film/video of any of the above (with permission for the City of Fremantle to reproduce the images)
    • Memorabilia (or photograph of memorabilia) regarding any of the above.

    Which areas are considered 'southern European'?

    There are no specific geographic boundaries to this project. We're interested in migrants from southern European countries in particular as this is where the majority of migrants to Fremantle originated from at this time. 

    However there may be migrants from other parts of Europe (particularly in the post-war and 20th century period) who played a role in the development of Fremantle. Information related to migrants from these areas is also welcomed.

    What time period is the City interested in?

    The City is particularly interested in the post-war and late 20th century period. We know that this time saw the greatest influx of migrants from the southern European region. 

    However migrants from these areas arrived before and after this time, and have also influenced the development of Fremantle. Information from other time periods is welcomed.

    How will the input be used?

    The information you provide will be used to inform the next stages of this project. Based on the input received we will also meet further with key businesses, organisations and people identified through the engagement to gather more information on their contributions.

    If you provide photos, memorabilia or other material we may ask whether you consent to them being included in the Fremantle Library's Local History Collection. Your contributions are much appreciated and help us record Fremantle's history for future generations.

    All input will be collated and presented in an engagement report. We will then: 

    • Develop some draft key themes and recommendations about what is important (tangible, intangible), what to celebrate, record and/or protect and how. 
    • Seek your feedback on these draft themes and recommendations. 
    • Report back to Council on these recommendations.  
    • Plan or deliver future projects and actions.

    How can I help someone who would like to provide information but needs an interpreter?

    If you would like to find out more or provide information in a language other than English, please call the National Interpreting Service directly on 131 450 and ask to speak to the City of Fremantle (1300 69 3736). You will be connected to a City officer through an interpreter. 

    You can also contact us by emailing communityengagement@fremantle.wa.gov.au or calling the City on 1300 MY FREO (1300 69 3736).