What investigations were undertaken?

    A survey was conducted at the entrance to 9 McCabe Street in North Fremantle in February 2018 observing traffic volume and speeds past the site, vehicle turning volumes at the driveway.

    Additionally a full weeks’ worth of vehicle data on traffic volumes and speed was collected at two points along McCabe Street from in February 2018. Both locations were within 50m of Tasker Place east and west along McCabe Street.

    Why are the changes being proposed?

    There are a combination of factors at the McCabe Street / Tasker Place intersection including traffic volumes, speed, curve and the crest.

    Historic traffic data shows a high increase in daily vehicle volumes along McCabe Street between 2006 and 2015. Volumes have stabilised since 2015 at around 6,500 per day.

    The proposed raised platform at the entrance to Tasker Place will help reduce vehicle speeds immediately prior to the McCabe Street / Tasker Place intersection. The red asphalt surfacing is used to provide a colour contrast.

    Subject to investigation a blister island can be installed near the Stirling Highway intersection, which will slow traffic prior to the intersection. Verge treatments are limited by services and limestone but some streetscape improvements can be achieved from Stirling Highway to Tasker Place.

    An example of blister island is provided below. A blister island is a type of traffic calming device used to slow drivers approaching it.

    What height will the raised platform be?

    The raised platform will be the top of kerb height so people can cross the road at the platform without needing to step down onto the road.

    What was the consideration given to that part of McCabe Street as an important commuter cycle route into the western suburbs and Perth?

    The focus of the McCabe Street traffic calming proposal was to reduce vehicle speeds along McCabe Street. Particular consideration was given to the safety concerns that this has created when accessing/egressing Taskers Place.

    The device that we have proposed on McCabe Street is a similar plateau to that of the device recently installed on South Terrace at Little Lefroy Lane and Sydney Street. Following its installation, our Bike User Group (BUG) have recently provided feedback to the City that they consider this device to be cycle friendly.