What are the proposed density, height and other requirements for the site?

    Residential density coding

    R160 to achieve a plot ratio of 2:1

    Building height

    As per City of Fremantle Local Planning Policy 3.11 - McCabe Street Area - Height of New Buildings LPP3.11.

    All other requirements

    As per the Western Australian Planning Commission  Residential Design Codes (e.g. boundary and street setbacks, boundary walls etc) for the R160 density code, which are the same as the requirements applicable to the R80 and R100 density codes.

    How many houses will be built on the site?

    No applications for development have been made at this stage; however the structure plan anticipates approximately 500 new dwellings. Residential development will likely be in the form of multi-storey apartments (multiple dwellings) and low scale townhouses (grouped dwellings).

    Will there be any commercial uses on the site?

    The structure plan proposes several ‘mixed use’ zones within the structure plan area to provide a complementary range of commercial and retail land uses for the benefit of residents in and around the structure plan area. The proposed “mixed use” zone extends over part of the 1929 heritage building fronting Stirling Highway, a section of land adjoining the area of public open space and the north-western corner of the structure plan area which currently hosts a mix of commercial uses.

    Will any open space for the public’s use be provided on site?

    An area of public open space measuring approximately 900 - 1000sqm is proposed within the structure plan area and is located at the southern entry to the internal link road, accessible from Thompson Road and Coventry Parade. It is envisaged that the area of public open space will be ceded to the Crown and ultimately vested in the care and control of the City of Fremantle once works on the site have been completed.

    How will traffic circulate through the site?

    The structure plan proposes a primarily one-way (northbound from Thompson to McCabe Street) internal road for pedestrian and vehicle movements, with left out only at McCabe Street.

    Southbound traffic movements from McCabe Street to Thompson Road will not be permitted. Vehicles will be able to enter from McCabe Street to access the developments on the site however would not be permitted to proceed through to Thompson Road.

    How will parking be provided on the site?

    On-street parking is proposed within the internal access road and south along Thompson Road. It is envisaged that these on-street parking areas will be predominately used by visitors and patrons of the commercial uses and public open space.

    On-site parking for residents and commercial tenants will likely be provided in underground parking areas that will be suitably screened from the street and other public places to ensure an appropriate level of amenity. Further details in relation to on-site and off-site parking will be provided at the development application stage.

    What will happen to the former Matilda Bay Brewery Heritage building?

    Having regard to the design outcomes developed at the design workshop and the findings of the heritage impact statement, the following actions are proposed through the structure plan:

    Ø  Retain the 1929 office building to Stirling Highway and the 1929/47 southern warehouse to Coventry Parade displaying the Inter War Functionalist Style to grid line ‘Q’.

    Ø  Retain the open landscaped area in front of the 1929 office building to preserve the building’s presence and landmark qualities.

    Ø  Allow the sensitive re-use of the buildings and ameliorate any impacts on heritage value by retaining significant building fabric, features and using quality interpretation techniques.

    Ø  Undertake conservation works that respect and display the original architectural details. The nature of these specific conservation works will be addressed at the development application stage.

    Ø  Retain and conserve the fundamental structure and design qualities of the existing buildings where possible.

    Ø  Incorporate the glass and steel façade along Coventry Parade into the site’s redevelopment, where possible.

    Ø  Investigate the integration of part of the saw tooth roof and associated steel structure of the four warehouse bays to the east of the administration building as part of the interpretation strategy for the site.

    Ø  Ensure future development on the site respects the scale, form, siting, detailing, materials and colour of the existing buildings.

    Ø  Prepare an interpretation plan for the building and site incorporating the history of the site.

    What does the Fremantle Council think of the plans?

    The advertising of the structure plan does not indicate any formal support by Council or the Western Australian Planning Commission.

    The council has not formally considered the proposed structure plan or development plan. The council will consider both plans as well as any submission received after the close of advertising period.