Who can participate and how?

    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. This means all residents across the City, businesses, visitors etc. 

    In stage one you can participate on My Say Freo or by completing an idea card at one of several locations across the City and placing it in the box (or they can be posted). 

    The locations are:

    • Fremantle Visitor Centre (Town Hall, 8 William St, Fremantle)
    • City of Fremantle customer service desk (Fremantle Oval, 70 Parry Street, Fremantle)
    • Fremantle Library (Fremantle Oval, 70 Parry St, Fremantle)
    • Fremantle Leisure Centre (10 Shuffrey St, Fremantle)
    • The Meeting Place (245 South Tce, South Fremantle)
    • Fremantle PCYC (2/34 Paget St, Hilton)

    Cards will also be distributed to some businesses but will need to be returned to a box or posted to the City. 

    Example of the idea card located at the Visitors Centre, Fremantle Library, City of Fremantle Customer Service, PCYC, The Meeting Place, Fremantle Leisure Centre

    In stage two you will be able to participate on My Say Freo and we will assess the use / location of submission boxes based on stage one. We will also be running a randomised survey sample, and a discussion pack will be produced for use by local groups as well as schools, with several schools anticipated to participate in term four. You can register here to be added to the mailing list for this project only, or register for My Say Freo here and find out about this and other engagement opportunities.  

    What is the process?

    There will be two separate stages because first we are calling for any further suggestions. The opportunity to comment on all names comes in stage two. The process is: 

    • Stage one (ideation) – In this stage we are gathering additional name and suffix (e.g. place, square) suggestions. This runs from 2 October 2020 to 1 November 2020. 
    • Contributions will be assessed against the parameters then compiled into a report. The stakeholder group will meet to review the contributions, then the conversation guide will be updated.
    • Stage two (selection) – In this stage the community is invited to consider all options and provide their thoughts. This is expected to run from late November 2020 until early January 2021.
    • Contributions will be compiled into a report with key themes. The stakeholder group will meet to review the findings. 
    • A report will be prepared for Council, who will then make a decision.  

    How will you quality control name suggestions?

    Given the significance of the space, three parameters have been set to guide the process:

    • Generating a sense of civic pride 
    • Directly relevant to Fremantle 
    • Enduring, able to withstand the test of time 

    Contributions should explain how they relate to these parameters. 

    I just want to express my support for a particular name, how do I do this?

    All names (current, those already proposed, other potential suggestions) will be open for discussion in stage two, late November. 

    The first stage just allows us to receive any further suggestions so we can put all possibilities out for equal consideration. 

    We will keep an email list for this project so everyone who contributes and provides their details will receive updates. To register you be notified when stage two opens, you can either:

    How is a decision made?

    This is not a ‘vote’ on names, as we cannot guarantee a representative sample. Community engagement will aim to identify themes, understand the issues and reasons, and possibly identify areas of disagreement / agreement. In stage two the findings of a random sample will be presented side by side with other findings. 

    An external stakeholder group will meet during the engagement to discuss the findings, and assist with the process. This group is made up of representatives of Whadjuk Elders, St. Johns Church, Department of Communities, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce and Sirona Capital. It also includes some elected members and City staff.  

    Following this process, the engagement report and an officer’s recommendation will go to Council who make a decision. We currently expect this to happen March 2021 but this may change.

    Why consider this now?

    There are many reasons why the City is exploring this now. They include:

    • The City of Fremantle Walyalup Reconciliation Action Plan (WRAP) was adopted in 2019 and includes actions around naming/ co-naming and including significant symbols and information about Whadjuk culture and history as part of Kings Square. 
    • The City was invited to put forward Aboriginal place names by the WA State Government in 2019. 
    • After Whadjuk Noongar name options were put to Council in February, they voted to broaden the process. The project was then put on hold due to COVID-19 but has now recommenced. 
    • The new library and civic building is due for completion 2021 next year, and the play space will also be complete. It will be helpful if this process can inform preparations for the opening.

    Will any street addresses be affected by this?

    No street addresses would be affected should the name be changed, as all buildings in the space have existing street addresses (High Street and Newman Court).

    Is it a square?

    The ‘square’ is used as one space but is bisected by High Street which has been turned into a pedestrian mall, effectively creating two triangles.  

    The northern triangle of the square contains St John's Anglican Church (1884) which is set in landscaped grounds.

    In the southern triangle the Fremantle Town Hall (1887) stands at the western end of what will be the new civic building, which is due for completion in 2021.

    Remnants of the first St Johns Church (1844 – 1884) remain buried under the paving in the centre of the square.

    Given that the original public square included the four streets that went around the public space, the City intends to continue to include William Street, Newman Court, Queen Street and Adelaide Street as part of the identity of this central city space – although there is no intention to rename the streets and/or property addresses.

    You are welcome to suggest alternative suffixes along with your name suggestion in stage one of engagement. 

    You can read more about the history of the space by clicking here

    What is the significance of the current name?

    Kings Square was marked in its current location on the official 1833 version of the town plan for the colonial settlement of Fremantle, prepared by Surveyor-General John Septimus Roe. Illustrations and accounts from around this time show Fremantle was still largely undeveloped.

    The space has undergone continual change over many decades, including road names, the building of two Anglican Churches and the Town Hall, shops and other commercial buildings on the southern triangular half. The space was briefly renamed St Johns Square (after the Church) in 1980s but the name Kings Square was reinstated in 1990. 

    The Whadjuk Nyoongar name for the Fremantle area is Walyalup and to the local Whadjuk people, whose heritage dates back tens of thousands of years, Fremantle is a place of ceremonies, significant cultural practices and trading. 

    You can find detailed information on the timeline of the space and names in the information pack by clicking here or visiting the document library.