Update - January 2020

Over the past eighteen months there have been a number of community conversations at Knutsford including workshops, meetings, a Curtin University community survey and a walking tour. You’ve asked many questions and put forward lots of ideas about what could happen in the area and how you’d like the City of Fremantle to support the area’s transition.

We thought it would be useful to provide a snapshot of some of the key things we’ve heard and what the City is doing in response. Over the various conversations some key themes emerged:
  • Please support and help us spread the vision.
  • Please help us build community.
  • Please facilitate good design and encourage the use of sustainable technologies.
  • Please improve access and help us to activate the area.
These themes and details of what the City is doing can be found in more detail in the Jan 2020 update, available to download by clicking here or from the document library.

This is only intended as an update on the City’s activities and there are many other projects happening in the area and initiatives being led by the community and local businesses.
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Consultation has concluded

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