What is a Local Development Plan (LDP)?

    A Local Development Plan, sometimes referred to as an 'LDP', is a planning document that is prepared prior to formal submission of a planning application for a site. LDPs provide special design criteria to allow for future development to occur within a specific area. 

    These plans typically show the proposed location of buildings on the site, land uses, car parking, vehicle access and landscaping, however their exact content can vary depending on the site and the type of development proposed.

    Who approves LDPs?

    Unlike structure plans, scheme amendments and subdivisions, which are all approved at a State Government level, LDPs are assessed and approved by local governments. 

    Once an LDP is approved, applications for planning approval on the site can be submitted which would provide more detail on the specific design of new buildings. A future planning application would need to reflect the approved LDP.

    What are the next steps?

    Once community consultation on the proposed LDP has concluded, the City will review all submissions received and complete its assessment of the plan. After this, the City's Strategic Planning staff will prepare a report which will be submitted to a future Council meeting for a decision on whether or not the LDP should be approved, refused or if it requires further modification.