Why are you focusing on this section of South Street?

    We’ve prepared a draft concept plan to make the section of South Street which runs through the Hilton shopping area centre feel more like a traditional town centre. Our aim is to slow traffic down to create a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

    The project responds directly to the feedback we’ve heard over years from locals about how the street is experienced.

    It addresses ways to better balance the street’s two primary roles – as an important transport corridor for various modes, and a local centre that supports street life.

    How has the concept plan been developed?

    The ideas we’ve proposed in our concept plan are informed by traffic analysis, meetings with key stakeholders including Main Roads WA and local business owners and feedback we’ve received from local residents.

    Why are you changing the road arrangement to prevent vehicles turning right out of Paget Street and Victor Street on to South Street?

    Our traffic analysis shows the number of cars turning right out of Paget Street and Victor Street on to South Street is low. However, the number of accidents is disproportionately high. In the past five years, twenty vehicles have crashed attempting this manoeuvre.

    Presently drivers are more concerned about getting safely out of the side streets and not looking out for people at the crossing. Our priority for this project is to create a people-friendly environment and make it safer for people using the pedestrian crossing.

    How will vehicles be able to turn right on to South Street?

    Drivers that usually turn right on to South Street from Paget Street or Victor Street can approach a right hand turn on to South Street from Carrington Street.

    Who is the responsible authority for South Street?

    Main Roads WA is responsible for South Street and we are investigating with them ways that the road and footpath space can be improved to meet the needs of its various users.

    The City of Fremantle is responsible for the space from the kerb line to the property boundary (about 2.5 - 3 metres). We are also liaising with the property owners and business owners about improvements to the streetscape.

    How will the project be funded?

    We’ve secured $250 000 from the state government’s Local Projects, Local Jobs Program and the City has allocated $50 000 to construct the project this financial year.