Proposal to upgrade Hilton Town Centre

by Admin,

The dominance of traffic has led to South Street acting as a barrier that divides Hilton town centre, creating an unpleasant and unsafe pedestrian environment.

We’re working with Main Roads WA and the Department of Transport to make the intersection at South Street, Paget Street and Victor Street safer. Our plan has six proposals to make it safer for people to cross South Street, reduce the number of traffic accidents and improve the public space.

  1. Prevent vehicles turning right out of Paget Street and Victor Street on to South Street.

  2. Improve signage to make drivers aware of the crossing and encourage them to slow down while driving through the town centre.

  3. Improve street lighting at the pedestrian crossing.

  4. Improve ramps at Paget Street and Victor Street to make it easier and safer for people with prams, wheelchairs and mobility issues to cross the street.

  5. Introduce a different colour asphalt roadway to delineate Hilton town centre.

  6. Remove the steel mesh fence on South Street and add new landscaping and street furniture to improve the public space.

For more information on this project please read the FAQ.

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Consultation has concluded

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