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At the community information session held on 2 August 2018 at Beaconsfield Primary School, Main Roads WA undertook to provide further information on why a guarded crossing is considered safer for children under 12 than a signalised ('green man') crossing.

We've included information provided by the Safety Branch at Main Roads WA, including links to reference sources below:

Guard control crossings are generally the preferred form of crossings for roads near schools where the predominant users are children under 12 years of age due to a number of reasons. A large body of literature covering children’s cognitive ability shows that they display inadequate search patterns at intersections and have difficulty in estimating speed, direction and distance of oncoming vehicles. In addition, their smaller stature prevents them from seeing the complete traffic situation and makes them less visible to drivers. Furthermore, adults have a tendency to overestimate kids’ pedestrian skills and make inadequate adjustments to speed.

These problems may be aggravated at signalised intersections, as young pedestrians are less likely to search for traffic than at non-signalised crossings. Some children trust that it is safe to cross against the red light and that adults will protect them and stop instantly. For similar reasons, zebra crossings are less advisable. Younger students may step out onto the crossing when a vehicle cannot stop before them.

Schoolchildren consider uniformed crossing guards safer than other types of crossings. They are attracted to guard control crossings and not to the adjacent, unsupervised road sections. Moreover, speed compliance increases in the presence of crossing guards.


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