What functions will the site offer?

     The draft concept aims to provide as many of the functions identified by the community as possible. These are:

    - Landscaping, seating and native elements.
    - Pathways, windbreaks and delineating public and private spaces.
    - Space for organised outdoor activities.
    - Art / festivals outdoor / space for organised outdoor activities.
    - Green space with flexible use to south side of hall.
    - Connecting space.
    - Opening up garden for simple outdoor hub to bring people together, multi-use, multi-generational.
    - Multi-use hard stand area (this is marked as a stage in the design).
    - Garden beds

    What is the process for this project?

    Please check the lifecycle on the project home page to see the current stage.

    In phase one we will be asking for initial information on what uses people may have for the space.

    Budget for demolition has been approved so the project will proceed to phase two where a concept and final design will be developed with the community, including a community workshop in August 2018.

    The building will be demolished and the site remediated until a concept design is finalised.

    A concept design will be available for feedback.

    What are the site considerations?

    Things to consider about this site are:

    - The former men's shed building is to be removed.

    - Located inbetween Sullivan Hall, the improved area around Sullivan Hall and the Hope St Swale.

    - Differing levels and a slope down to the south.

    - Future public pedestrian access into the site from the eastern boundary (Cower Mews).

    - The existing landscape character is natural bush, golf course, mature trees, small parks, large park and wetland, playgrounds and community garden.

    - Parking.

    - Traffic (particularly Stevens St & Hope St).

    - Infrastructure such as water storage located just outside the project boundary.

    Potential changes would need to complement the surrounding area (Sullivan Hall, the existing park and the Hope St Swale). There are also surrounding community facilities which need to be considered, find the site analysis in the document library or download a copy here.

    Can the former men's shed building be kept?

    The shed that was on this site (former uses include the Pigeon Racing Hall and Fremantle Men’s Shed) was in poor condition and investigation by the City of Fremantle determined it was unsuitable to renovate and needs to be removed. It is non-compliant to current regulations, has structural issues and is termite damaged. The building is vacant and budget for demolition was approved in the 2018/19 budget.

    Please note the Fremantle Men's Shed are now located at 70 Shepherd Street, Beaconsfield, adjacent to the Hilton Park Bowling Club.