What We Heard - Draft Concept Feedback

Earlier this year a draft concept design was developed for the for the former men's shed site and this was open for feedback. There were 39 submissions on this and overall, 54% said it did not fulfil their needs and 46% said it did.

Key reasons for it not fulfilling needs: greater emphasis needed on landscaping and more trees; needs a new building; remove or reduce lawn. Minor alterations to elements included (such as benches) were also listed.

Key reasons for the design fulfilling needs: sound design / like the simplicity; like native trees / want more; like no building due to residential impact or duplication; like the stage and it needs power.

Other common themes across both groups were the need to connect Cower Mews to Watkins Street for pedestrians and consider accessibility.

Feedback from school students involved in phase one was: more play elements need to be incorporated; design is too plain; needs more trees. A multi-signature letter was also received requesting land be set aside for a building.

All responses are explored in more detail and available in full in the engagement update by clicking here or via the document library.

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Consultation has concluded

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