Demolition completed

Demolition of the building on site is now complete with the following materials removed from the site:
  • 4 loads of concrete and rubble (returned to licenced facility to be processed, crushed and screened to manufacture roadbase, sands and aggregates).
  • 1 load of steel (to scrap metal dealers).
  • 2 loads of timber (for use in a new pilot program - see below).
  • 1 load end of life materials.
  • 1.5 loads of asbestos (to landfill).

The timber from the former men’s shed was not the best quality and there was evidence of white ant infestation. The flooring was looked at by potential floor restoration customers but was unsuitable (if timber flooring has been previously reconditioned it is not generally salvaged for new flooring as there is no commercial value).

The timber will be part of a pilot program for reuse as surveyor pegs and tomato plant stakes. It will be processed and separated over the next month or so and any timber not suitable for the program will be taken to a green waste facility for grinding into mulches.

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Consultation has concluded

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