Results compiled

by Rhiannon,

Thank you to everyone who completed our services survey.

Some key findings were:

  • Both awareness and use of the service was much higher with business owners compared to overall.
  • Overall 42% had contacted the Community Safety team before; within this 82% of business owners had.
  • Of those who hadn’t contacted the team before the key reason was ‘not sure what they can assist with’.
  • Service awareness was highest with security patrols, street drinking and homelessness support.
  • Service awareness was lowest with CCTV support, littering, dog / cat matters and graffiti.
  • 50% know where to find the Community Safety phone number; within this 82% of business owners do.
  • In response to how clearly the Community Safety contact and information is promoted overall the majority of respondents said ‘neutral’ then ‘not very well’.
  • Around three-quarters of all respondents would prefer to contact the Community Safety team via a direct phone number (not the City 1300 number); around 20% don’t mind; overall 18.5% would also like to report non-urgent issues online.

You can read the full report by clicking here or visiting the document library.

The input from this survey has highlighted areas of the service that need more promotion or awareness-raising through a targeted approach. The insights will also be used to review the way we deliver the service in the future by having a better understanding of the needs and preferences of users. For example, we identified a preference to keep the Community Safety direct line rather than convert it to the 1300 MY FREO number. All registered participants will be provided with an update of the findings and next steps.

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This survey has concluded and you can find the results in the document library on this page. 

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