Why is the City of Fremantle proposing traffic calming measures for Collick Street?

    Collick Street was identified through the City's traffic calming policy as a street that has speeding issues, high volumes for a local road and road trauma incidents. 

    Collick Street from Winterfold Road to South Street (just less than 1.3km) was examined. The initial traffic surveys and crash data showed the section of Collick Street between Winterfold Road and Holmes Place qualified for traffic calming measures.

    The City decided to extend the scheme further north to include the section between Holmes Place and Joslin Street because the existing road width can be accommodated here. The section between Joslin Street and South Street is not wide enough to accommodate either of the proposed traffic calming options without widening the road, however it was not picked up as a problem section during the study. 

    What speeds are drivers doing on Collick Street?

    Our speed survey data shows 2400 vehicles travel on Collick Street at an average speed of 45.5km/h on a typical weekday. About 35% of motorists drive over the 50km/h speed limit, at an average of 55.5km/h.

    Why don't you just put speed cameras in?

    Speed cameras are managed by WA Police. There is a set of criteria for determining camera locations, which Collick Street meets. Requests for speed cameras on Collick Street can be made to WA Police. Speeding incidences may also be reported by completing a Report a Hoon Form on the Police website.

    The purpose of the traffic calming we’re proposing is to lower speeds on Collick Street by changing some of the physical aspects of the road.

    What area of Collick Street does the proposed traffic calming apply to?

    Both options are proposed for Collick Street, from Winterfold Road to Joslin Street.

    Is anything being done to improve pedestrian safety on Collick Street at the Winterfold Road intersection?

    Yes. The project also includes the reconstruction of the pedestrian access across Collick Street at the intersection of Winterfold Road to provide a clearer pathway across the road.

    This work is not affected by the preferred traffic calming option. 

    How wide will the traffic lanes be for each of the proposed options?

    From Winterfold Road to Joslin Street, Collick Street is 7.4m wide, with two traffic lanes of 3.7m.

    Option 1 (the proposed central median with trees) will create a 1.4m median and 3.0m traffic lanes either side.

    Option 2 (the proposed speed humps) will narrow the road at the plateau locations only. This would be to the same dimensions of 3.0m traffic lanes either side and 1.4m median with tree pit.

    How will the project be funded?

    The project is estimated to cost $80 000. Both options could be implemented within this budget.

    Half of the total cost of the project will be provided by the State Government Roads 2 Recovery programme, the remaining half will be provided by the City of Fremantle.  

    What type of trees would be planted along Collick Street?

    The City hasn't selected a species yet, though it will likely be an Australian native.