Next Steps

At the meeting of 24 March 2021, Council adopted a recommendation on next steps regarding its climate change response. To view the meeting minutes click here.

Next steps for the City

Council resolved to focus the City’s efforts on pursuing climate emergency advocacy and reducing emissions from the City’s operations. These were the two most highly ranked actions that community members believed the City should take in response to climate change, as described in the engagement report.

In practical terms, this will mean responding to state government issues papers and similar policy proposals as they are released, and continuing to partner with organisations such as the Cities Power Partnership and WALGA to find ways to collectively reduce emissions and raise awareness of climate change issues with other local governments.

For its own operations, the City will continue its commitment to carbon neutrality, via implementing the Corporate Energy Plan and purchasing carbon offsets. The City will also continue to implement the actions outlined in the Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

To find out more about what we're doing and the City's new Climate Change Position Statement, check out the City's website under the One Planet tab or click here.

Next steps for individuals

Our call for knowledge sharing as part of this survey was met with a great response, with more than 20 people nominating themselves to share their time and expertise with the community. While the City won't be hosting networking and knowledge-sharing events in the near future, if you're interested in sharing your contact details with others, please get in touch with us and we can connect you all via email.

Alternatively if you are keen to get involved in existing opportunities for climate action, or find sustainability-minded local people to collaborate with, we encourage you to check out our Get Involved ideas or contact the following local organisations:

  • Ecoburbia: Beaconsfield based, Ecoburbia are keen to build a resilient local community
  • The Hub on SX: a brand new co-working space in Essex St., Fremantle, that’s focused on bringing together and supporting sustainability startups and entrepreneurs
  • Fremantle Fibonacci Centre: A collection of many different creatives and ethical entrepreneurs who often hold events, workshops and markets that aim to bring people together and foster a vibrant community
  • Enkel Collective: Enkel’s members are working on making the world a better place and would love for you to join them

Thank you for passionately sharing with us during this project, your input and interest is much appreciated.

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Consultation has concluded.

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