What is being proposed?

    The City have engaged specialist mountain bike consultants to design a concept plan for the Booyeembara Park Mountain Bike Trails. We’re seeking community feedback on the design and once collected it will inform the concept and in turn the masterplan. At this stage there is no budget allocation for construction or trail-building, and grant funding will be sought for any works.   

    We’re also collecting information for future planning about how the east end of the park will be used and accessed (including a potential pump track) and any other factors that are important to the community. This information will contribute to an upcoming revision of the Booyeembara Park landscape masterplan, which will be available for public comment once drafted.  

    Where will the proposed trails go?

    The existing informal trails are at the eastern end of Booyeembara Park bordered by the Royal Fremantle Golf Course and Stevens St. The draft concept formalises these trails and features.

    Is the land safe for this use?

    In 2019 the City commissioned an environmental study to see if Booyeembara Park could support mountain bike trails within the existing contaminated land. The study found that the park could support them provided certain design, construction and management practices were implemented. These practices were outlined in a report to the City and will be strictly adhered to during the design, construction and management phases.

    When will the trails be built?

    At this stage, the City has funded the concept design process only. There is no funding allocated for detailed design, construction or trail-building works in the 2020/2021 budget and the City will be seeking grant funding to help deliver trail-building and other proposals in the masterplan.  

    Who is part of the Working Group?

    The Working Group is made up of representatives from project stakeholder groups. These include: 

    • Fremantle Mountain Bike Collective
    • Friends of Boo Park
    • White Gum Valley Precinct Group
    • White Gum Valley Orchard and
    • Fremantle Youth Network

    as well as Elected Members and City officers. 

    What is a pump track?

    A pump track is a defined circuit of features that are designed to be ridden without pedalling.

    How will this be different to the Manning Park trails?

    Formalised mountain bike trails are currently being proposed at Manning Park in the City of Cockburn. These trails are of a much larger scale than those at Booyeembara Park, and will be complimentary to the Booyeembara Park trails, offering a different experience.

    To find out more information about the City of Cockburn proposal, click here or visit comment.cockburn.wa.gov.au/mountaintrail

    How does this impact the Six Seasons Garden?

    The newly planted Six Seasons Garden will be incorporated with the Mountain Bike Trails and Booyeembara Park. Future works within this area will be sympathetic to the Six Seasons Garden and enhance it with paths, seating, fencing and incorporation into future landscaping designs in the area.