Feedback on Draft Compiled

by Rhiannon,

Feedback on the draft plan

Feedback on the draft Bike Plan (phase two engagement) has been compiled. There were 26 submissions and additional suggestions were made by the Bicycle Reference Group. Key feedback included:

  • Over half had a high level of support or specifically made positive comments about the proposed hierarchy.
  • Suggestions were made around specific locations such as Hampton Rd, Knutsford, Stevens St, Tydeman Rd. Another key comment was on connectivity out of Fremantle.
  • An overall level of support for the programs and promotion.
  • Other general positive comments on the community engagement and support for the Council reviewing and providing new bicycle infrastructure.


Based on the engagement in phase two some updates and improvements were be made to the Bike Plan. These include:
  • Document changes - Inclusion of cordon count intersection information (areas of riding increase and where it has decreased). Slight wording improvements for clarity, mapping improvements, clarification on route descriptions.
  • Route updates - New local route in North Fremantle reflecting the logical, most convenient existing route to the town centre and Fremantle Traffic Bridge connection. Marine Terrace and Douro Road as secondary routes, complementing the coastal off road path routes and connection to Hampton Road and South Fremantle shopping centre. Extension of the Wray Avenue activity area across Hampton Road to identify the mixed use/commercial land uses between Hampton Road and South Street.
  • Other updates - Including Carrington Street protected route feasibility study within the 5 year time frame. Recognition of emerging riding trends such as ebikes and the need to design/provide infrastructure accordingly (e.g. bike parking and refuge island widths).
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Consultation has concluded

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