Engagement Compiled

by Rhiannon,

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Bike Plan Review, the engagement report is now compiled. There were 109 surveys completed, 215 pins dropped (areas that are good for bikes, need improvement or ideas), mapping and visioning at the Bicycle User Group workshop, the Ride to Work breakfast, emails received and input via the Age Friendly City planning.

According to survey roughly 53% of regular rides are within 5km of the Fremantle city centre and mainly in the City of Fremantle boundary, 31% are between 5 to 10km from the Fremantle city centre. For those not riding but interested, Fremantle suburbs are the main starting point with top destinations Fremantle city centre, Murdoch, Cockburn Central & North Fremantle train stations and Leighton & South Beach.

Mapping is now being undertaken with the draft Plan expected to be ready for feedback early 2019.

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Consultation has concluded

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