Why is this policy being proposed?

    South Street connects important leisure, health, education and public transport services in Fremantle and Murdoch. South Street has been identified a future priority transit route and is earmarked for rapid public transit in local and state documents.

    In 2014, the City of Fremantle initiated three local planning scheme amendments to allow more intensive mixed-use (a combination of commercial and residential) redevelopment to support South Street as a key public transit corridor. The scheme amendments align with a key element of our Integrated Transport Strategy aimed at providing higher densities of residential and commercial land near public transport.

    What does the policy say?

    The policy proposes a series of overarching design elements that will be considered for any future development proposals in the Hilton Local Centre area. New development will need to demonstrate how they achieve the design criteria for each of the elements. 

    For example, design elements in the draft policy include:

    • development context, 
    • site planning, orientation and setbacks, 
    • architectural expression and articulation
    • South Street road reservation area
    • corner buildings
    • landscape design and public domain interface, 
    • car parking and vehicle access, and
    • building services.

    The policy will not change provisions already approved in the City’s planning scheme to allow mixed-use development on these sites. 

    The full draft policy is availiable here

    What happens to my comments?

    Your comments will be carefully considered as part of the process to finalise the draft policy before it is presented to council for adoption. We will update this page when the council meeting date is set. 

    If you make a submission, we will let you know when the policy will be considered by council.