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May 2019 - Meeting Update

The acknowledgement to country spoken by Hazel Dortch commenced the agenda of the meeting. The minutes written from the previous meeting were then accepted as true and correct, following this we touched on actions rising from the previous minutes including the MySay Fremantle portal accessibility and the YACWA membership process.

We then spoke about the Fremantle Youth Network Planning day, looking at priorities in, issues that affected us, training we would like to receive, our own personal interests and dates/days we found were particularly significant.

The annual Mission Australia survey was then introduced to the group, it was made apparent that the Network should share the Fremantle code within their friend groups and schools so that the council can get a true indication of teenagers issues and ideas who live within the city. Following the tech talk the idea of a social media platform for the youth network was brought up and acknowledged as still being developed but will soon be up and running.

The network then deliberated the wording and final thoughts on the formal letter that will be sent to schools, universities, and institutions in the Fremantle vicinity addressing the main focus of the group and the members within it.

The group then were lucky enough to have an amazing guest speaker, Rhiannon; the Fremantle community engagement officer who explained all the roles and powers of local government, including formal council meetings and voting. She then further discussed the position the youth network would have in the MySay Fremantle page, including our own ideas, focuses and singular profiles, plus she actioned all members to sign up for the site.

The main focus for the meeting then diverged to the most prevalent issue that the group would like to focus on which currently is Climate Change. The youth network discussed the recent and ongoing school strikes for climate and how Fremantle is one of three local governments in Australia to receive a One Planet accreditation in 2014. It was then further reiterated how Fremantle, as a council, are looking to be 100% renewable by the year 2025, currently looking at campaigns such as Living Smart, 3 Bins FOGO (Food Organic Green Organic) and being a Water Wise Council.

Special mentions to three of the networks members concluded the meeting which was closed at 6:42 pm.

Update by Olive

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