What is a conservation management plan?

    A CMP is the principal guiding document for the conservation and management of a heritage place. The main objective of the CMP is to ensure that decisions are made with regard to the cultural heritage significance of a heritage place. To that end, a CMP identifies the heritage significance of the place and provides clear policies for the sustainable future of the place. 

    - Definition from Heritage Council 'An information guide to conservation management plans.'

    Why are these buildings important?

    The buildings have played many roles over their lifetime. 

    In 1958, the old Fremantle Lunatic Asylum was finally threatened with demolition and was saved largely through the efforts of Sir Frederick Samson, then Mayor of Fremantle. His vision for the site was to establish both a Mariners’ Museum and an Arts Centre. The building was restored and the museum stage was finally completed in 1970.

    As a result of this struggle, the building has become a symbol of the Fremantle community standing up for the protection of its heritage. FAC now serves as a key community hub and the preservation of the building remains a great victory for the people of Fremantle. 

    Today Fremantle Arts Centre is a vibrant, creative community hub with a rich program of contemporary art exhibitions, live music, art classes and events. 

    What is this project?

    The City is planning to undertake the staged conservation of the Fremantle Arts Centre building fabric. The first stage involves the preparation of a Conservation Management Plan which will help us to understand all aspects of the building’s fabric and history. It will also develop a programme for future works to the building to repair the damage of time and to conserve and enhance its heritage significance.