Why is the City rezoning certain properties?

    City officers have identified a number of misaligned zones and historically unzoned land throughout the City. Some of these portions of land proposed to be rezoned are a result of recent road realignments, particularly along Stirling Highway, while others are a result of past administrative errors or oversights.

    In regards to 101 Stirling Highway, the land has never been zoned under the City’s scheme and the amendments proposed intend to correct this error.

    In regards to the Rose Hotel (78-80 Stirling Highway) and surrounding properties (including Siska Lane, 72 Stirling Highway, and 1A White Street), these properties are currently part of a Development Zone (DA15). A Development Zone usually requires that a Local Structure Plan be gazetted in order to guide development within the area, however, the current Development Area 15 has been entirely developed, thereby mitigating the need for a Local Structure Plan. The current designation of a Development Zone means that there is no certainty for what is and is not permissible on site. The proposed amendment seeks to change the zoning to ‘Local Centre’ with a density of R35 in order to reflect the existing and adjacent land uses and provide more guidance for future development.

    In regards to 25 Amherst Street, the current zoning of ‘Public Utilities Reserve’ severely restricts the possible land uses permitted on site. The land is proposed to become part of a Development Zone in order to form part of a future Structure Plan Area to provide for residential and commercial opportunities in line with the City’s Strategic Plans. The exact land use and built form permissible will be determined at a later date as part of the Local Structure Plan for the Development Zone (DA4).

    How has the City determined the appropriate land use for rezoning?

    The City has endeavoured to match the proposed land use to be consistent with the immediate surrounding land uses and density, as well as be consistent with the existing approved uses on each site so that future development proposals will be minimally impacted.

    Will the proposed rezoning of specific properties affect the existing uses of those properties?

    No. All approved uses can continue without seeking additional planning approval from the City.

    Can I have my property rezoned?

    The City does not generally carry out spot rezoning for individual properties. The properties to be rezoned as part of this amendment are intended to rationalise the scheme and bring historically unzoned land into the City’s Scheme as well as delete outdated Development Areas in order to provide more certainty for landowners in regards to future development.